Friday, May 6, 2016

And I... am feeling so small It was over my head I know nothing at all ♬

Hehe. Well. Today worked out as it was intended to work out.

I even went on a 40 minute walk after this 12 hour day. Lol. I just woke up. I got home at 7. Walked. Showered. And then passed out until now....11 at night.

My sleeping schedule is screwed but oh well. I got through today. I got through today. I got through today!! Lol. If this was a show you could see me grooving. My hips are moving~LOl. :) I actually am not a fan of that song, but the melody is so catchy. My body moves before my brain can say, nooooo(or like lee kwang soo andwaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! lol).

I survived! I survived! Lol. That's one goal met. One finishing line passed. Got 1 more to go!! 1 more!! 1 more socialization event in my repertoire. Watch out world...I might actually one day, become socially competent. Hah! Lol. Don't write me off yet! But, lol, don't make me your biggest target ok? Don't mark me as the strongest enemy and barrage me with misfortune huh? Please. Lol.

I sent the emails I had to send. Got the replies I wanted to see. Lol. It's weird to see things working out this way...??? Lol so unfamiliar.

People who are waitresses and waiters are amazing. He memorized our orders. That's a wonderful gift. At least I think so. There were 8 of us. I can barely remember my families birthdays, but these guys, wow. Work with what your mama gave you. er. or daddy gave you? or lol, what you were just naturally born with? Hehe.

Ack. I just want to scream. In a good but confused way? God is seriously someone whose plan I'll never figure out. But one thing that He constantly keeps reminding me of is that, I know nothing at all~ But, if I just lean on Him, everything tends to work out. Not in the way I planned, lol never in the way I planned actually, but well that's probably asking for too much anyways. Urk. I just got an email from att. And I'm a bit worried about this company guys. It feels like I'm always getting charged for something else or another...when I clearly asked if I would be charged...urk. Please let everything be right...if not, I really might cry, bc I'm getting sick of having to go and explain and ask when it should really be as simple as you give me bill, i pay bill.

Not this game of you give me bill, i look at bill, see charges that make no sense, i go talk to you, you go talk to another person, that person talks to another person, and then i just get charged with a late fee trying to figure everything out. so really what you guys are telling me is that i should just turn my head against these hidden charges or else i'll end up paying even more? BS. I wish I didn't have to have a cellphone to live in this era. Hm, but i don't think i could function in modern society w/o one, unfortunately. Not that I use mine that much, but it is handy for emergencies. I just wish...we didn't have to get charged for it. We really do find ways to make money about everything.

I'm just waiting for the day they charge us for but we humans are adaptive...what if we learned how to breathe underwater then? That would be kind of cool actually. Then I could even learn how to swim. :) 2 birds. One shot. Kapow.

Looking forward to:
Tomorrow is the weekend!!!!!!!!!! I'm almost home free!!!!!!! 1 more week. 1 more week. 1 more weeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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