Monday, May 16, 2016

♫ This is the clock upon the wall This is the story of us all ♪

1. So many manga updates!! Thank you translators and uploaders and writers, and just well everybody that works on these mangas!! Thank you!! <3 You guys seriously make my day. Especially since I live here where there aren't mangas so readily available like in other countries. The recent update on Seishun x Kikanjuu has made my day!!! (I love all the characters, they all have their own lovable personality :P)

2. Anime creators. 'specifically the creators of Sakamoto-kun!! (lol, that's not the anime's name, but the main lead's name. He's the coolest. Lol. You'll get it if you watch it.) And then the amazing creator of Inuyasha with her latest anime Kyoukai no Rinne(I think I spelled that right? Hmm it's something similar to Inuyasha, very episodic; but makes me happy nonetheless to watch :D)

3. And then Running man. My dear beloved running man. What would I do without you? Thank you for existing. They seriously always make my day. And are my go to watch shows. Shout out to all of the running man: Yoo Jae Suk; Kim Jong Kook; Lee Kwang Soo; Ha Ha; Ji Suk Jin; Song Ji Hyo; Kang Gary; All of you guys: kamsahamnida. :) :P

4. Um. There was something specific I wanted to say thank you for today...but I can't remember it now that I'm sitting here. Hmmm. What was it? Oh yeah! The lady at the bank! She was splendidly nice. Idk if she'll follow through on what she said she was going to do, but she was very polite and jsut wonderful. I love encountering people who are courteous and willing to help. It makes me so happy bc it reminds me there are people who are nice in the world. Lol, even if they're being paid to be nice :)

5. The rain!!! Lol. I didn't go walking this morning bc it was "raining". Lol. It really wasn't but I had slept at 3 and was going to wake up at 6 to go, and lol thank you bad weather. I did go yesterday though! I went 3 and 1/2 laps; According to my phone I went ~10,000 steps and 5 miles. Lol, I heard the phone wasn't that accurate though, so y'know. Still, it makes me feel accomplished. :) Hopefully I can sleep early today and go tomorrow. Still working on getting healthy!!

6. Lol. What I meant to say wasn't about the lady in the bank. Though I am grateful for her. I meant to brag about direct tv and its recording abilities!! It's so awesome!! I don't remember if it was on this blog but, I raved like crazy about HD television and how that basically opened me up to a new world. But this recording thing. Man. I know we used to do it with VCR's but this is sooo convenient. I love it!! Especially bc sometimes there's nothing to watch and I can just go watch all my movies I recorded. P.S. Yes, most of them are cartoon/disney/pixar movies. I'll never grow up!! Even if I do grow old!! XD

Lol. So I've been busy watching anime, reading manga, and catching up on my korean shows, so lol yesterday was kind of a catch up day. You don't understand!! I've been constantly reading just school books, and now's my chance to catch up on my reading! Yes, I'mma nerd. But who cares! They all make me so happy!!! ^.^~ 

Water count:5.5...urk. It's so much water. And I have to pee so much! Lol. I've seriously never peed this much in my life. Yesterday I was able to do 6 cups, but haven't been able to drink past 6. Maybe if I started drinking, and yes this is still water. 

Math problem:
Addition: 30 (yesh! new high score!!)
Subtraction: 3 (it's sooo hard!!)
Multiplication: 4 (lol, I can't remember what my old one was...)
Division:1 (haha! I got one right!! Yeah! I'm improving!!! XD)
Mixed Ops: 0; lol I almost got one right...but I spazzed. That's ok. Tomorrow is another day!! I will try again!!

Oh! I remember now! I've been having these weird, WEIRD, dreams. And well one was yesterdays: I was a part of the Cheetah Girls. Lol. And it turned out that they had got back together but they kicked me out. And there was something about Raven(oops, I don't remember her name when she was in the cheetah girls), but she betrayed me, and anyways, that's not the cool thing about this dream. Raven was showing me pictures of her and the Cheetah girls and the dream turned HD!! WHAT??? Everything was crazy clear. It was like watching a movie in HD. I've never had a dream that was so crystal clear! And it was in color, because I remember the brillant yellow and orange of the flowers in the background, and gah! Isn't that amazing? There was also a part where I met my old Woodshop teacher and left my notebook in his class, but when I went back to get it, it wasn't there? So I was in a panic about trying to find it and urg, I woke up panicking that I had left my notebook in his class, and when I woke up, it was just...oh, it was just a dream. LOl.

And the one last night was about that guy in that korean drama greatest love and I forget what he was saying but one of the things was "sprinkle" and I wish I could put an audio recording, bc the way he said it was so...hilarious :P. The sprinkle was about rain I think. There was also another part about the dream, but now that I'm concentrating, I can't seem to recall it. I should have wrote it down. Lol. I wonder if I'll have another weird dream today or not. I want to sleep early. And you know go in the morning walking, but at this point, who knows, right? Lol. 

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