Saturday, May 14, 2016

♪ My head's spinning around I can't see clear no more What are you waiting for? ♬

So, positivity(lol, it keeps putting a red line under you not recognize me when I'm being positive internet? lol) journal not really working out. Lol, like I said, it started turning into more of a ranting I'm gonna switch lanes for a bit.

Since it's summer, gonna go for a longer journal. And a more structured one. Because no matter how much I try to deny it, I like things to be organized(lol, no matter what my room says). So I'm going to do numbers. And I'm going to do...3? I think journals.and I'll probably switch back to the other one when school comes back bc it's shorter, but who knows, I might stick with this or scrap it and start all anew again, with life, who knows, right? :O :P

1. Lol. My brother lost his water bottle. He put it next to the Sriracha bottle on the side. He looked everywhere for it. I'm not letting him live it down, since he's always commenting about me losing the remote. Lol especially the time where I left it in the refrigerator. And the freezer another time. Lol. DON'T JUDGE ME! XD So thank you little brother for giving me a, and something to hold over on you!! :P
2. I thought it was going to be chilly when I went outside for a walk today, but it turns out it was actually the perfect amount of chill to combat the sweat I accumulated(lol, sorry, tmi, but yes fast walking does cause sweat to show, at least for people like me :P).
3. Authors. From all around the world for letting me experience wonderful adventures from the comforts of my own house, but most importantly for inspiring me to write my own adventures! Lol, if I can finally finish a story, I'd really like to post it on here...or at Lol. Most of my stories are fanfiction(lol, the best invention ever because it means the story doesn't ever have to end!!), but I do have a couple that are based on my own characters.
4. Thank you for whoever invented the internet. Seriously. It's hard to remember the times without it. Lol, though I didn't have it as a child, I've grown too accustomed to it now.
5. My aunts who live close to me. Literally. My aunt and uncle live right next door. And my other aunt lives down 2 streets. It's nice having family closeby. :)

lol, I was going to start low at you know the magic number of 3, but I figure I might as well aim high(lol, what is this, is this positivity rubbing off on me? Was it totally not worthless? :)). And then I'll adjust it as I go on.

Water count: lol water count? What could that mean? No this is not the amount of water ballons I will be tossing at people. Nor is it the amount of raindrops that have fallen. This is of course the long awaited, me, trying to accommodate the daily ritual of 8 cups of water a day. Le gasp. 8 cups? 8 CUPS when you don't even drink 1 cup most days? Lol. Yes. This is actually a really big thing. I don't drink water, and I should. Lol, there goes my brain commenting unnecessarily again with "well there are lots of things you should do, aren't there?" So brain(if you're so smart, why don't you start memorizing things instead of making naggy comments about my life? Lol, every time I use the word nag, that song made by Cosmo, about Wanda plays in my head("nag it to the right. nag it to the left. nag it all day and night~" Lol, something like that.): 6 cups. Lol. didn't make my goal on the first day, but that's ok. Tomorrow's another day! :D

Math problems (lol, don't laugh! Even though I'm smiling while I write this. I know how to add and substract and lol this is not for a college course or anything. I just want to be able to do mental math. This is something that I've been sporadically working on, but since it's summer and I have a lot of time on my hands, I'm going to give it a go again. By mental math I do mean adding and subtracting 3+ greater numbers without having to write it out. But most of all, I want to be able to multiply big numbers in my head. I think people who can do that are just swell. Lol. I love that word. People should use it more; but I used it once and the other person laughed 'cause they thought I was being sarcastic. I wasn't. Boo. :'( Lol. It's ok. At least, I know what I meant.:): Actually I forgot I had a mental math app(lol, it's literally called Mental Math)  so I'll just post the high scores for each one and try to beat them each day and if I don't that's ok too, bc practice is better than not not practice! :D:
Addition: 23
Subtraction: 5 lol gotta work on this, that's so bad!!
Multiplication: 2 lol, looks like my subtraction is better than my multiplication! Lol, at least I got 2 right. :P
Division: 0; lol, it's getting progressively worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then again, I never learned how to divide 4 digit numbers by 2 digit least not mentally, but just imagining how cool it would be to be able to do this in my head in the future, is encouraging, me to keep trying, so I will!!!
Mixed Ops: 6!!! Lol, I got one of the division ones right!!!!!! Yippee! And I got lucky bc most of those were addition. Hehe. my defense, I did this on hard...:( :O XD Lol. But seriously, I'll get better!!! >:D
And this also is a good baseline.

I wonder if I'm being too ambitious?. Lol. It's ok. Being ambitious is better than having no plan at all. I think. Lol. Sorry too much commentary today. But since it's yet another beginning. Well, hopefully this will be able to last for a while. But I'm not sure. I just want to try something so that by the end of this summer I'll be at least a bit of a better person. Whether it be a bit smarter, a bit more positive, or a bit more compassionate. Hopefully not worse. Lol.

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