Thursday, May 19, 2016

Make it alright Need a little sweetness in my life ♬

1. Music ♪ It's gotten me through my anger, my sadness, and allowed me to express my joys and happiness. How do they come up with such catchy melodies? It's odd though that some of the catchiest songs have the, to put it nicely, oddest lyrics. Lol. Like the pepperona song. It's soo catchy; but it's lyrics are nonsense(though I have to admit, I love me some pepperoni XD). Same thing with some of the catchy pop songs nowadays. Some of them literally are just bedroom talk, put to a catchy tune. The song I used in the title is another example. It's crazy catchy but the lyrics are just basically pick up lines. Lol. Not that it's bad, but my favorite songs are the ones with a good melody + meaningful lyrics. But you know, everyone can't be a winner. :O

2. Uno. Battleship. Legos. Pop ups. Recorders. Harmonicas. Stickers. Blow up balls/bats. Nerf guns. Mini golf Styrofoam kit. Launch across. Yu-gi-Oh/Pokemon/Maplestory cards. Dominoes. Lol, the song for this post should have been Fall Out Boy's "Thanks for the Memories~". I just had an intense 20 game of launch across and basketball launch across and lol it was about 16 to 4. Lol, In the 20th game, I thought about letting the kid win, since you know I kind of totally destroyed him, but my inner glee took over, and I kind of feel bad now. He was sulking and then is taking a nap now. I used to let him win when we were kids, so he wouldn't get mad, but for some reason I thought he'd be able to handle losing...I was wrong. Soooo wrong. Lol. But it was fun. I haven't laughed with my brother this much in a while. XD My throat seriously hurts from literally rolling on the floor laughing!!! :D

3. Parents. And their seemingly unending affection for their children. Yesterday when I was cleaning things out, I found a PS2 in my brother's closet, and so we plugged it up and turned it on, but only the green light showed and the fan worked, but the tv just kept saying no signal and the eject button wouldn't turn on let alone eject. Lol, so what do I do? I take out my handy dandy screwdriver and penlight and start unscrewing stuff with the help of youtube and my little brother. Lol. Turns out there was a loose screw inside. I shook the PS2 and it fell out. Then I was almost done unscrewing everything when there was this one stubborn screw near the fan that would just not unscrew. It was irritating. I swear we spent 30 minutes trying to unscrew it. Lol. So then we just looked at each other and gave up.(Lol, seriously spent about 4 hours on the thing and then we just gave up :-?) Screwed everything back in and then plugged it up and turned it on again. Lol, but this time, the what's suppose to be green light just stayed red and the fan never turned on, and well turns out I broke it even further!!!! I was talking with my mom and turns out that PS2 was struck by lightening. O.O Enough said.

4. Apples. Manzanas. Sagwa. Are a heck of a lot sweeter than I thought they were, and you know what they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!! Lol, saw this thing on instagram where a girl is teleporting this apple and a doctor is screaming: "Keep it away!!!" Lol. If only. :O)

5. Umbrellas. Aren't they adorable? Lol. I carried one when I went walking today because the weather was looking shady and it's seriously so fun!! I can use it as a cane, this is sooo fun! Or on my last lap, I carried it around like a gun on my shoulder, you know how guys do it in the army? Like that. It was always my dream to join ROTC, but I could never do a push up. My poor nooodly day, one day they'll be able to boast completing a push up...or a pull up. Either one is good. :) (*^▽^*)

Water count:1.5...urk. I think I'm not doing so well, bc I know what happens when I drink so much water. I pee. A lot. So much that I wonder how people who drink a lot of water do it. I seriously had to get up and pee every 15 minutes. I didn't even drink as much water as I peed? What? Lol, but I'll keep trying to get the 8 cup daily recommended.

Math problem:
Addition: 32! Woo, that was a close one! But new high score!!!
Subtraction: 3...well, working on it/!!
Multiplication: 7...still good!
Division:0...they were hard today and I'm feeling sleepy~
Mixed Ops: 6; my eyelids are getting heavier and heavier~

...don't judge me, but that fudge cake I made along with the 12 cupcakes...I devoured 1/2 of the cake and 6 of the cupcakes. :X It was soooooooo~ good! I think my greatest creation!! (´∇ノ`*)ノ Shh, don't tell though. The cake is MINE!!! Mwahahsahdhhah. Seriously, so delicious!!! <3,l

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