Wednesday, March 23, 2016

♫ And when you smile The whole world stops and stares for a while (─‿‿─)

something positive about that day:
It was BEAUTIFUL. My goodness, it was such pretty weather today. The sun wasn't too sunshiney and the sky was the perfect blend of blue and then the clouds were all dragon shaped...the wind was a bit strong but if I was lighter, I'm sure I would have been swept away. Gosh, I should have made a kite. It would have flown baby flown. It was AMAZING. I forget just how beautiful this world is sometimes. The bees, the mosquitoes, the bugs, the dandelions, the grass...this is their home. This is OUR home. Gah. Days like this make me just want to lie in the grass and cloud watch all day long. Wouldn't that be an awesome job? Lol, but I got my daily dose of outside when I went walking today. There were other people walking too, so yay! I think it's ~30 min recommended of physical activity. So bam! daily quota done!

Lol. I can't. The world is so much better when you talk like a Brit. Gosh, all day I've been going around the house saying "I'm in a bit of a sticky wicket." Gosh they're accents are so BEAUTIFUL. I swear my life will be complete if I could just live a year with British people and visit 221B Baker street. (⌒‿⌒)

aND DIMPLES. goh. I can't with dimples. They're little dips of joy in people's faces.

Lol. idk where I was going with this. (-‿‿-)

what I had accomplished:
Haha, I had just enough money to pay for the copay for my eye appointment. Lol, after digging through my purse and car and closet, I dug up enough money. I REALLY need a job...but getting people to hire me is the, not gonna go down that path.

I found glasses...but because I didn't have my contacts in(because they require you to take them out for the exam) and I couldn't find an appropriate time to put them in(they never left me alone!!! :O) I had to get real up close and personal with their mirror. I don't think I chose pretty, cause I couldn't really see them...but oh well, I just need them to see, not to look good. That would just be a bonus. Besides I miss my nerd look. (ノ*゚▽゚*) Lol. I think they may have been like inverted triangles? But, kind of rectangles? They were greyish from what my blurred sight could see...Also because my prescription was high, the choices were actually limited. I've gone up in prescription again...I think she said it was 7.5 in one eye and 8 in the used to be just 7 in both eyes...I wonder when I would be able to get Lasix or if I'm even eligible. Idk how to stop my eyesight from getting worse. I mean I can't just stop using the is based around screens. Even reading books I'm starting to do on computers...idk what to do...but I'm super excited to get glasses again!! Yay!  

 something I looked forward to the next day:
I FINALLY DON'T HAVE TO WAKE UP EARLY!!!! That's so freaking amazing, you have no idea. It's spring break right? Well, I've had to go somewhere Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. That's half of spring break out the window. But tomorrow. Oh tomorrow, the possibilities!!! My bed is calling me~Lol, maybe I'll do some hw tomorrow...MAYBE...we'll see.

It's storming outside and I've always had a dream to just stand outside while it was storming and just soak in it all. Like the movie Pixel Perfect where she saw rain for the first time? I just want to stand out there and bask in, no lightening would be good. But...I want to do that once. Just once. To be soaked to the bone and have every cell refreshed.

I've ran in the rain before and that is FUN. Lol, not while wearing sandals(flip flops), because that's just asking for falls, but it's SO FUN. When I get a house, I wanna be one of those people who sits on their porches and just watches the world. Especially during storms. That's the life, man.

OH AND I JUST REALIZED...tomorrow means there's going to be that refreshing feel of 'after the rain'; I love that atmosphere. It feels like I'm stepping out into a new world.

MMM, isn't the world beautiful??? ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡

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