Wednesday, March 30, 2016

♪(^³^)~♪ 'Cause in my castle I'm the freakin' man ♩

something positive about that day:
I got to sleep 10+, I think that's good but I'm not I feel refreshed. but when I get this much sleep I still feel kind of tired too. It was such a nice sleep bc there was thunder and rain and storms always make such a nice backdrop for sleeping.

I talked to this girl that was in my class today. Turns out she's in the same major as me. Hope I didn't freak her out. I just really want a friend in the class. And she looked like someone I could be friends with.

Idk why but some people just give me the vibe that they're similar to me and then I sort of just gravitate towards them, bc it's like YOU'RE LIKE ME! lol now I can't stop that saying from repeating in my head: ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US! LOL.

That's why I haven't been able to get along with people from my graduating class. The 3 people who I made friends with when I started this program...they failed out. And, now I only have 2 semesters left, and the people that are left...they all have their own groups already and it always feels like I'm intruding on them...and none of them give off the feel either. They don't have the vibe, so unfortunately I think I'm just gonna go solo these next 2 semesters. Lol, nothing new though. Gives me more time to work on my writing.

I walked to the parking lot with that guy today. Hmm...there were awkward silences yet again...but honestly, I think it helped me bc I think I do better with people that talk a lot. I've always liked having friends that do most of the conversations and I can listen. Bc, that's what I'm good at. I'm not a story teller.

I am a person who would rather have just one or two friends than a whole gang of them. And I would rather be home than go out. I do better in small groups.  I don't want to be the person who's friends with everyone. I thought I did...but that's...that's not me. Lol, and I'm glad I'm starting to figure out who I am, and what I like. Bc it's exhausting to try to be someone you're not.

The quiet person...I think I'm okay with being that person. Other people may not be, but once I get to the point where I'm a 100% accepting of myself, I think they're opinions will stop mattering.

what I had accomplished:
Finally got to watch that Some korean movie that I've been meaning to watch! Lol, I watched it instead of doing hw...but it was a good movie!! Very thriller-ish! Even though I wanted a romance movie, it was still really good! I wished it was longer! <3 Lol, today was a very chill day...not that I'm complaining...but the page looks so bare...:P

something I looked forward to the next day:
I have an 8 hour day tomorrow. Tomorrow is my shadow day...I'm kind of worried, but not really. It should be an easy day...but we'll see. I hope the kids are nice. I like's just I can usually only deal with them one at a time. Maybe two...but then I feel like I don't give them enough attention. I'm a bit worried about who I have to go with. He and I aren't exactly friends. Just classmates...and we don't really I'm hoping I can have only a little awkward day instead of an insanely awkward But whatever comes will come.

Seriously. Today was like my dream life. I sleep. I eat. I walk a little bit. I watch dramas. I read manga. Done. Seriously. If I could get paid to just do that...I would be so~ happy.

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