Saturday, March 19, 2016

If I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world? ♪ ::))

something positive about that day:
I got to sleep for 15 hours. Lol, surprisingly that isn't the longest I've slept, but it's nice especially when your immune system is trying to fight off a vicious bug. Seriously nyquil knocked me out, but then when it wore off(6 h) I woke up and hacked my lungs was wonderful. But, when I ate today it didn't feel like I was swallowing jagged knives, so wonderful!!!!! Lol, I just need to be able to swallow normally before MOnday bc that's when I get to eat Asian Buffet! Lol, I looove their food! The noodles, the meat and my favorite is their coffee cake. I wish I knew their recipe then I would make it for myself!!!

what I had accomplished:
I...was able to finish printing out the pictures needed for my family's passport and I also found out it'll take me about 2 weeks to get a new social security card to match my name change. I thought it would take longer, but that's actually really good news.

something I looked forward to the next day:
Tomorrow I get to go to the market and buy food! Our fridge is empty...and I'm hungry. I'm hoping to buy donuts...but sometimes Wal-mart doesn't have that. Wal mart is a ripoff artist...sorry, we buy like 5 items there and it's 50 bucks...I wish we had a costco. Oh! We do have an aldis so that's nice. I love bargains...or even fake bargains. My favorite place is a to z especially during holiday sales because it's always so cheap. lol. maybe I'm just a cheapskate(I think I spelled that wrong).

...I'm sleepy even though I had 15 h of sleep. :D

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