Sunday, March 27, 2016

♫ When you've been fighting for it all your life You've been struggling to make things right ♡ ~('▽^人)

That's how a superhero learns to fly 

(Every day, every hour, 
Turn the pain into power)

Seriously, all the lyrics in the song is SO good, it was hard to pick just a couple lines.

something positive about that day:
I GOT FREE STUFF!!! It's so nice having a nice relative. My aunt just got back from California and guess what she brought????? SOUVENIRS!! OR BETTER KNOWN AS FREE STUFF!!!! I love anything free. Lol, I love stuff in general. So when I get free stuff, it just makes my world. And it doesn't even have to be anything big. Give me a free pencil and you've had made my day. 

I also got pizza today. And sausage in hot dog buns. It was for dinner. It was goo~ood. :O XD I also showered today. Lol, that doesn't sound huge, but it's been two days. So I feel clean and ready to face school tomorrow!!(Bring it on school!!! please go easy on me since it's my first day back in a while). Oh, I also flossed. Man there was a lot of nasty gunk in my teeth. I need to start wearing my retainer too. Otherwise my teeth are going to be outta line again. 

what I had accomplished: will be back to update bc I'm working on my hw rn. Update! 2 hours later~ FINALLY, I finished that stupid essay. I finished my discussion the night before. So all I have left is studying. I forgot I had a test tomorrow. Lol, so I have no other choice than to cram at this point. I'm writing early today bc I'll probably forget later. 

something I looked forward to the next day:
Tomorrow is SCHOOOOOOOOLLLLL. We all know how much people look forward to that \(º □ º l|l)/...but tomorrow I also got the call to pick up mis nuevos lentes(err, did I do that right?)! I think I'm going to "try" and walk there if I can from the school to the eye place bc me needs to work out...we'll see. But, then yay! I won't have to wear these dry eyeing contacts anymore!!!!!! And I can wear my glasses at home and walk around and get my nerd on~

                 ♫ 'Cause he's stronger than you know

A heart of steel starts to grow 

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