Thursday, March 24, 2016

♪ "Son you got an angel, To chase the devil at night." ♫ (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜

"No one ever said life was gonna be fair, Chuckie, " said Phil. Really from the mouth of babes. How old are the Rugrats kids? Nickelodeon trying to teach us the struggle while we're young. Lol, SEE this is why I love(unhealthily obsess over) cartoons. <3

But really, today has been...what's the word...touching? Reminiscent? Nostalgic? Eye-opening? All those things. I just finished watching 2 days and 1 night(korean variety show! This 3rd season has such an amazing cast! They all get along so well and it's so funny each episode!!) and the theme this time was history related. It was about a prominent figure in Korean history; a man who assassinated another man to promote Korean independence. The editing, the narration, and just the cast of the show made the whole episode super intriguing. Not gonna lie, but I shed some tears.

But the reason it hit me so hard, was bc I was doing some deep thinking again today. Lol, I finally get to deep think bc I don't have to worry about school stuff(well I do, but I'll put that off till the last minute ;)) and it's just amazing if you think about history. Let me just say history is one of my kinks. I love the fact that the places I've walked everyday that seem so insignificant to me, has actually been a ground that has been tread on by who knows how many people. People with stories all their own. Love stories. Sad stories. Inspirational stories. But all stories. And then...I'm gonna be a part of history. One day, someone else will be looking back to this time period I'm living in. It's crazy to think that 100 years from now, I won't be here but some other person will be thinking about this year 2016. Gosh. I think having a time travel machine would be the greatest thing ever. To be able to visit the past. The future. But mostly the past and see how they lived. To see their lives with my own eyes instead of being told history through someone else's eyes.


Anyways...enough of ma fangirling....

something positive about that day:
I GOT MY 64 GB FLASH DRIVE IN THE MAIL TODAY!!! THAT'S 64 GIGABYTES OF PHOTOS THAT'LL BE FOREVER PRESERVED EVEN WHEN MY COMPUTER GOES CAPOOT!!! I hope it works though. I haven't tried it yet...and there were mixed reviews about the PNY brand. BUT I TOOK A CHANCE! Just hope taking the leap won't bite me in the bum. Lol. Hmmm, it's amazing how far we've come with technology. I remember when I got the 8 gb flash drive, forever ago, and was simply fascinated by how such a little device could hold so many pictures and files. IT WAS DAEBAK. But now 8 gb is nothing. I really can't do anything with it bc I have SO MUCH STUFF(mostly useless stuff, but did I mention I'm also a useless hoarder? Lol, I am) I got it for ~20 bucks which I think is a pretty good price for 64 gb, but we'll see tomorrow.

The main reason that I bought it was bc my old laptop is...the cpu fan is broken so it won't even turn on anymore. HOWEVER, I was googling cpu fan errors for gateway computers and there's something where you can actually turn off the fan function that'll allow for the laptop to turn on and still properly function. I ONLY NEED IT TO WORK FOR A LITTLE bit. There are important pictures on my laptop that I wasn't able to put onto flickr or my other flash drive or other computer or or memory device, so I really need to access the computer and transfer the files...but I don't know how reliable the source is. I'm scared to try it bc it might not work...but well it's not like I lose anything if it doesn't work.

part 2 is to buy a cpu fan online and try to install it on my own. if those 2 plans fail then I'm gonna have to go find a tech person and have them fix it. Erk. Hopefully I won't have to go to plan C bc it's the most expensive option. I was gonna do it today, but I'm on procrastination to the MAX. Lol.

I love getting mail. Even if it's useless stuff. It just makes me so happy. XD Let the post office never die!! NEVER!!

what I had accomplished:
Hmmm, this is a tough one today bc I lazed around so much. Lol, I did get to catch up on sleep like I had planned. I slept somewhere around 4 in the morning and woke up around 1 in the morning? Oh my gosh. That's right. I had a nightmare last night. I slept for about an hour and then woke up gasping. I actually have this dream a lot. But it's where I'm in the dream. And I know that I'm in a dream. But I can't wake up. I seriously say to myself "This is a dream. You need to wake up. WAKE UP!!" and I won't. I pinch myself in the dream. Pour water on myself. Jump off of high things and I WON'T WAKE UP. It's seriously effing terrifying. And it's always a bad dream bc I'm either being watched, being chased, or being sexually harassed(this was what happened last night; and it's scary bc I never see the face of the person). I was scared to go back to sleep bc when I have these dreams, I'm always terrified I'll just be trapped in the dream forever and never wake up. So after an hour of staring at the ceiling, my eyelids got kind of heavy so I just prayed to God, "please let me not have another nightmare." Lol sorry off topic but it's 1:23 A.M. and for some reason that's freaking hilarious to me. (*¯︶¯*). Lol, anyways, back to the dream. I did get to sleep and had a dream about this itty bitty kitten that fit in the palm of my hand and was the purest white and it was the best dream EVER. The kitten was a twin and so the other twin was pure black and followed my brother. Twin kittens, how cute is that?! It makes me want a cat. But a tiny one. That fits in my palm. IT WAS SOOO CUTE!! So, bad nightmare, but it ended on a good note. So all's good, man. All is goo~oood. 

I also did me some cooking! Le gasp. Don't panic. It was just a box. A box of sour cream and chives potatoes. Or patatoes. Snort. Whichever. But it turned out goo~ood. And I didn't burn anything so accomplishment!! Lol, I love the little joys in my life. They make the day so worth it!! (o˘◡˘o)

something I looked forward to the next day:
Walking in the morning. I'm gonna try to wake up and walk in the morning. Lol, which I haven't done since LAST summer. It's suppose to be a bit chilly, but that's ok. I'm going in the morning since tomorrow is Good Friday so I won't be able to go in the afternoon. It'll be fun!

Hmmm, I can't remember anything else that happened through the day. There was a lot...I think...but I think I already wrote too much. Man wouldn't it be cool to have a pen that could write your thoughts? Lol, then I could just think it and it would appear on the paper. That'd be nice. Lol. I think there was an old disney movie actually that had that...hmmm...( ̄_ ̄)・・・lol the emoji kind of looks like an alien shooting beams. BEAM ME UP ALIEN!!!! 

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