Saturday, March 26, 2016

Got me singin' like Na na na na everyday ♪ ヽ(o´∀`)ノ♪♬

something positive about that day:
Oh! I recorded Mulan, watched it, and then danced at 3 in the morning in the living room to Make a Man out of you. It was AWESOME. My choreography was on point. ⁽⁽◝( • ω • )◜⁾⁾ I also read an instagram post about how basically everyday you should choose wisely what you wear bc that could be the outfit you die in(morbid...but ya know). So when I went out today(shocker! Yes, I saw the sun and greeted hello), I actually contemplated outfits...and I got to say, I was looking go~oood today. Instead of flinching when I saw myself in the mall mirrors, I had to take a second look, bc hey, I didn't look like a trashcan, I looked like an average human. LOl, it was a nice change bc usually I cringe when I see myself in those mirrors. 

This is good bc bad self esteem will get me nowhere. So baby steps, but one day I want to be comfortable with the person I see in the mirror. Lol, but not too obsessed like Narcissus. Moderation, man, moderation.

And! I found some hats that actually fit my head. Now this is amazing, bc my head is the size of jupiter. Really, hats have never been my friend and I found some fabulous hats. I didn't buy them though bc 20$ for a hat is just ridiculous, just nice to know that there are hats out there that are flattering for my head. 

I also found my brother's Christmas present!! So my brother has always wanted a dog. Or a cat. Or a, really any pet will do. But my parents don't like pets bc...they tend to go from outside to inside and make the house "dirty". So while shopping today, I found doggy slippers! And they were only 4$!!! That's crazy! I've never found slippers to be so cheap! And they were so freaking soft!! Like a teddy bear and when I tried them on...IT WAS LIKE WALKING ON CLOUDS!!!! Not that I've ever done that before, but I'm sure that's what it would feel like! Or well I guess you would fall through the cloud since it's just air...Agh, shut up logical side of my brain! IT FELT LIKE CLOUDS!! (`ε´)

what I had accomplished:
lol, what did I do today? OOOHH, I went shopping today! I found ma sunscreen. Ha! Sun! Try and burn me now!...that was a joke. Please don't burn me. I WILL DIE. Literally. And found some awesome bargains. Got 5 items for count it, 15 dollars! Bam. That's ~3$ an item. Talk about feeling accomplished. I get a rush from buying things that are on sale. It makes me feel like I beat the system. Like I'm sticking it to the man. Lol. I never really went through a rebellious phase, but more like as the years go on, I do random rebellious acts...and then feel sorry for being rebellious. Lol.

Oh, I came upon that epiphany today too. I'm a late bloomer. A re~ally late bloomer. Either that or, I started off super mature and am now regressing...I'm stuck between the two theories. Lol, I seem to be getting a lot of epiphanies these days. Hmm. Brain's working overtime.

something I looked forward to the next day:
Getting my butt in gear to do some serious hw. Hoot hoot! Seriously. I'm gonna be more productive tomorrow than I have the who~le spring, which actually isn't that hard to do considering just how inactive I've been. And being productive is good, bc it gives me sense of accomplishment. Accomplishment makes me feel like a human, instead of a potato.


Bro: How can I be scared when I can't even remember the truth? -deadpan-

Dude. Seriously. My brother...he says the best stuff. I'm gonna write a story just based on that 2 sentence convo. I can already see a story playing out in my head. __φ(。。)

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