Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sometimes the only pay-off for having any faith Is when it's tested again and again everyday ♫ <( ̄︶ ̄)>

doo doo doo doo op. badam badam badam. And yet~ it's another year!!!

Haha, try making sense of that! :O It'll be my brother's birthday in ~25 minutes!!! He's been counting down the time until he gets to eat cookie cake since we only get it once a year...on his I always get ice cream cake.
something positive about that day:
I got air baby! I got fresh air in ma lungs!!! Lol. Just went out shopping and it was cold but I got air!!! Lol. It's not because I'm held hostage in my house but the weather has been crazy weird and I never know if it's ok to go outside because looks can be deceiving. It looked so pretty outside today, but the wind chill was off the charts cold. I got to buy me donuts! Glazed kind! And the one where they mark off the 6 and put 7!!! Booyah!!! I get an extra!!! Haha...or maybe that's a scam, w/e. Half of it is already, we lovers our donuts!!

Oh and for some reason Wal mart was being super nice and there were 3 count 'em 3! free sample places! And...being the glutton I am, I went to all 3 of them...but actually I let my mom get them because for some reason I get shy around them. One was this whipped topping with fruit. Another was ham. And then one was marshmallow pink peep with oreo and a pretzel! BAm! I gots my stomach soo many presents!!

Woo! 2 positive things came to mind!! Getting up there in my positive thinking baby!! xD
what I had accomplished:

And on maplestory today, a guy invited me to his party. Now that's not the good thing, I mean it is, but I accepted!! It was so weird! I mean you have to understand that I don't do parties. At all. I like solo training. But he was all invite and I was all accept and bam. We in party! And he was sooo nice!! He even gave me pots and said if I needed anymore to just ask him!! seriously, I know kids are usually the main audience of maplestory, but I've heard kids these days are meanie bobeanies. I left the party once he d/c'ed and I leveled, but I'll never forget you kid! Thanks for the party and being a good kid.  Oh and I also sold about 600 mill in items so I'm nearing 2 bill in maplestory which is a miracle bc I've never even imagined I could make that much money!!!! haha, if only it was as easy to make money in real life!!!!! IN ma dreams, right!!!! lol.

something I looked forward to the next day:
AHHHH SOOOOO MUCH! I'm not even sure I can write all of it down!!! Tomorrow, like I said, is my brother's birthday, so we get asian buffet, we get mom's home cooking, AND we get cookie cake!!! Yay! YAY! YAYYYYY!!! AWESOMENESS to the max!!!!!! So my belly is going to be getting new stretchmarks and I'm probably going to be coughing because of all the oily foods we eating tomorrow. And...I just love birthdays(even though my brother doesn't because he's all well you only get a year closer to death....blah blah blah) but even if that's true, he forgets that it's also another year that we've lived, survived life!!! LIFE is tic-tac hard man. And a lot of people don't make it to their birthdays so there's a lot to be thankful for and a lot to celebrate!!!! Gah, life is good man. Even with all the dustbuster badness clouding in and trying to ruin me, I see that silver lining man!!!

I really thought this project was going to be B.S. but I can feel myself looking to the bright side of things as problems continue to crop up. That silver lining is so SWEET! I'm ashamed I never noticed it before, but I'm thankful that I am doing it now. There's so many good moments that I've missed because I'm SO focused on 'oh this is so bad, and blah blah blah' well that other side of the coin is a heck of a lot prettier and deserves more of my attention than this bad stuff. So thank you God for letting me survive another day and thank you for not letting go of my hand up to this point. Please still don't let go. I still and will always need you. My will is weak, but I won't stop fighting. I can't give up. I can't give up. This road is dark, but I'll reach that light at the end of the tunnel even if it kills me..but it won't. I'm so EXCITED now because it's only been a couple days and I can see a difference in my thinking. That's sooo crazy!! What will the difference be in a couple of weeks from now??? Lol, I guess we'll see huh? Gah!!! SO EXCITING!!! XD


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