Friday, April 15, 2016

♬ (人・㉨・)♡ Ah, when you smile at me you know exactly what you do.

I thought I loved people for their eyes. You know, beautiful blue, green, hazel, just these spectacular universes that are in people's faces. But I realized that more than anything, a person's smile is what captures me. It seriously makes me look past my vanity and think, "wow, you're so beautiful when you smile; your face literally changes and it's SO beautiful." No joke. And I don't mean one of those fake smiles or beautiful smiles that beautiful people have, but the kind of smile where your eyes and forehead just get all these wrinkles and you look almost deranged or evil but it's beautiful. Because it's a smile that's not confined. It's a face that seriously makes me want to do stupid things just so I can see you smile. And I'm not a funny person.

God was seriously into something when He let us have the ability to smile. Yeah life stinks and we're given all these trepidation and trials, but I gotta focus on these little things or else I'm really not going to make it. This world is just too cruel without the little things.

I was actually falling asleep on the couch and went to my room to sleep but then I remembered I forgot to write and so I felt bad since I was blessed with such an easy day. But, turns out I was wrong, today wasn't my hard day, it's tomorrow that'll kill me. ;/ we're supposed to bring food tomorrow. I can't cook?lol and for some reason it looks shabby if I just bring a bag of chips or something. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Oh and sometimes I have this urge to just go to my knees and thank God. Today was one of those knees. As I was laying in bed a couple minutes ago, I just felt this urge to thank Him on my knees and I couldn't go to sleep if I didn't bc today went quite well. There was one malfunction that frustrated me to no end, but...what can you do when technology just doesn't work well with you? :P

So positive:
It's over!!!! And I survived! And sometimes that's all I can ask from a day. Thank you for a teacher that doesn't yell at me for being slow. My brain already doesn't function under pressure and so thank you for giveimg me a patient teacher this semester. :)

I managed to stay busy and not dawdle around but tomorrow may be a different story. I learned that people...all have their own stories and what you see really is just the tip of the iceberg. So no matter how much you want to judge someone .... Don't do it. You don't know their joys, their worries, their pain.

Looking forward to:
I'm suppose to get an extra 30 minutes of sleep but unfortunately,  I gots to go buy food. If only I want so damaged by other people rejecting my food. Seriously. Someone gives you food and you take it...don't spit it out right in front of them. It's called being polite. Idc if you think that's a lie, don't do that. It didn't happen to me just once, but twice bc I usually don't mind sharing my food. But she spit it out twice in front of me and I just looked the other way bc ugh, what a waste of my food and seriously sorry I'm a little miffed bc she just seemed so ungrateful eating it. Yeah I'm traumatized. Sue me.

I need to sleep but now my brain's awake. Should I just stay awake? Or should I sleep? I love pandora. It's so nice. I have an immortal radio station and all the songs are so catchy!!!

Once again, thank you God for letting today be finally over. And...good night. Sweet dreams bc heaven knows that's the only place I can find friends and adventures and love. And hopefully not nightmares. Hope I didn't jinx it. Seriously I need to sleep. I have to wake up at 5:30z why aren't my feet moving? Why are my eyes still wide open? Brain, why don't you shut up? Fingers stop typing!!! Lol I love the sounds of the keyboard it makes me want a typewriter. Sorry off topic again. I keep thinking this mole on me is a bug bc it's so dark and I jiggle my leg so it's moving in my peripheral vision and it freaks me out lol. Why are my moles so bug like looking?

Ok seriously. I'm done.

I ate garlic. And it burns. No wonder vampires don't like it.

Though I would think garlic would make the blood garlicky and that doesn't sound too bad. The night scares me but I also like staying up...

It's highly possible my brain was abductee by aliens and transplanted with a squirrel's. My attention span is shot rn. Why's this phone keyboard so small? Autocorrect keeps correcting me to the wrong words so excuse the typos. The screen is small. It makes me feel like a giant! I've always wanted to be tall and I like mini things.

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