Monday, April 18, 2016

♪ And I'm thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Isn't love strange? Lol. Sorry, it's just I've always wanted to be in love, but then again not really. O.o

Passed my test!!! Hehe, teach is awesome!!! She understands that stress does nothing good for us students especially when it's to much stress!! Now I just gotta worry about that other test.

Had me some fried rice today, it was delicious!!

Running man was touching today. Episode 295...ji hyo made me cry and awww, seriously all of them have such a darling relationship with each other.

I took a nap in my car...and it wasn't in the backseat this time! Lol, that doesn't sound big, but usually I worry about what people think about me since I sleep and eat in my car. Lol, no I don't live in it...I just don't like eating in the cafeteria and the library stinks for sleeping bc people talk too much go figure.

But I finally, finally figured out how to pull that stupid thing down. And by thing I mean, my chair. I was able to lean it all the way back and it's daebak, awesome!!! So once I figured that out, I pulled it so it was all the way back, basically it looked liked a long bed and I just slept, baby, slept. It was cloudy outside today but still bright so I put my jacket over my eyes. Thank goodness it was cloudy today and not blazing hot or else I would have suffocated. Lol to all those people who walked by my car and saw me sleeping. You gotta do what you gotta do. :P It was nice bc I got an hour and a half nap, and it was niiiice. Lol. XD

Finished c my psych hw too. I'll be honest, I'm willing to take hits in points there bc it's way too much work to  try when I've been trying all semester.

Look forward to:
I really, really want to wake up early tomorrow and go walking...but idk how that's going to go. Or at least get into a morning exercise routine...wherebeit just a 5-10 min routine, I just want to do something. I'll finish my readings at school tomorrow. GEt to shower tomorrow too...well I'm debating whether to shower today or tomorrow...:O What should I do??? I like going to sleep clean, but it's almost 11 at night and I'm so sleeeeepy. O:

Some rantings from yesterday that I didn't get to share:

I'm seriously thinking of boycotting Walmart. Their prices aren't great; heck yeah thank you Aldis. But it feels like every time I go there, there's an employee that's rude. And yeah, I get it, it's not an awesome, amazing job, but it's your job chica. You're getting paid to work there, the least you could do is be polite. You don't have to yell. You don't have get an attitude with me just because I've never used a credit card before, or because I like to admatch(is saving money such a hard thing for you to understand?), or because you don't like your job. I can tell by your face you don't like it. And honestly if you hate it that much you..w/e, you just do you. It's not that hard to be polite. I was polite to you and even said thank you even though I really just wanted to say "shut your face you expired coupon." I don't like being rude, but if you're rude to me, I honestly want to be rude back, but I was taught manners, so I'm sorry you have a ding dong job, but don't take it out on others, please.

Lol now that I'm done with that.

...hmm, there was something else too but it escapes my brain rn.

Good things. I had a convo with a girl in my class and we literally just sat there talking instead of doing classwork. It was nice, bc like I said without this last class I literally don't talk throughout the day. Yeah, working on my social skills. Lol, pssh look at me. She was nice and he came and talked too. We're still walking out of class together so that's nice.

It really is nice having people talk to me and with people that I can talk with. This is why I kind of like new classes where noone knows each other.

Oh! And today I almost forgot my ipad in my classroom. This is the first time I've ever been grateful my whole class is full of extroverts except for me. Just as I was about to leave one of the girls in my class called out to me and I went back to get the ipad. I was so grateful and lol, kind of embarrassed I forgot something so important.

Oh man dry ice is so cool!!! I told my brother I would get some and put it under his bed so that when he woke up he would see smoke like clouds on the floor and I'd tell him it was poison so he couldn't walk in it. And, but it looks so cool, it'd be like walking on clouds and GAH IT'S SOOO COOL! lol, he said I was stupid and he already knows what dry ice looks like lol. w/e hermano.

I had a thought today. Lol, I have many thoughts, don't be misinformed. But when I went to the restroom at school and saw my reflection, it made me sad bc my reflection there looks bad. But my reflection in my home mirror looks good. So I just want to know...which is my true reflection? Which one do I really look like???????

Hmmmm....4 more weeks and then HOME FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUMMER BABY, HERE I COME!! lol, there was something else important I wanted to talk about, but I forgot what it was... boo :I

Anyways, lovely and non lovely people/animals or w/e creature you are, don't forget to eat. Bc, food is good. And sleep is good too. Smiling and laughing though is prob the best, so if you can take some of that. ::)))

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