Monday, April 25, 2016

You say it's too late to make it, But is it too late to try? ♬ (≖_≖̥)

What even are hiccups? Gosh I keep telling my brother to scare me so they'll stop, but HE WON'T! That punk.

Lol nvm, I held my breathe and...they're gone! Lol, on the second attempt.

Jerks. Why would you make a fake trailer? ?? You got my hopes up and then crushed them into such itty bitty pieces I can't even see them any more!!! :( Lol, thank you commenters for telling me the truth: there is no friends movies 2016. IT'S A LIEEEEEE! ya jerks.

Positive: I'm done with today. IT'S OVER. OVERRRRRRRR~~~~~

I killed that spider. With a fly swatter. Lol after running away the first time and having my brother deal with it first. See he has a binder that he calls his spider killing binder. Basically he throws the binder at the spider and the jumps on the binder.

So when he saw the spider and yelled. I yelled. He threw. He jumped. And so the binder sat there for 2 hours. Bc it's been established that he kills spiders and I clean up the residue.

So I go to clean it up. I flip the binder over. And I see flailing of spider legs.


I sit there and stare at it for a bit, not sure if I actually saw it move or if it was just residual dead twitching.

It moves. I move. Well, ran to to the kitchen to find my handy dandy flyswatter. I come back and it's like running  a marathon to the carpet. I attack. I miss. I attack again. And again. And again. And oh my gosh spider's are so smart.

That thing was playing dead for 2 hours. 2 HOURS!!! Man. But you can't fool me Mr. Spidey! I got you!!! that I think about it, I'm kind of sad too. I's not like the spider did anything wrong...and yet, it went to spidey heaven. At least I didn't suck it up in my spider vacuum. Lol, yes I have a vacuum that I use to suck up spiders. I'm scared to empty the thing bc what if all the spiders swarm out when I open it and attack me for revenge?

My brother says they're probably still alive in there!!! :OOOOO

What if they crawl out of there and I just keep sucking back up the same spider???????

EEk, I'm getting jittery and panicky about everything that touches me. Stupid loose hair that reminds of spider feet.

RUNNING MAN was nice. Like I said, they'll always be my silver lining for mopey no sleep mondays.

Well I took that test. Yessiree I did ma'am, sir, guy, gentlemen. Dude...I have no clue what's going to happen. I'm scared. Terrified. And going to start studying for the final, bc man I got no choice. I need to pull it in for the long haul.

I took the initiative and asked someone to be my partner for the group project. Thank goodness she's nice and smart. We worked well together. Too bad we have to present it next Monday. I'll get there when I get there.

And um...I also have another group teaching project on monday and the group that I'm in hasn't done anything and I'm worried, but I know I worry too much, and agggggggggggggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! One day at a time bro! XD

Turns out also when I was freaking out about that missed test, 6 other people in my class also forgot to take the test. Derp. Worried my butt for nothing. SMH.

Man drinking water tastes best out of a glass bottle. It's so nice and shiny and cool looking!

Looking forward to:
Being CLEAN TOMORROW. Man it's been flaming HOT today and tomorrow. I'm burning up here.
And that tends to make me agitated and grrrrrrrr, I need to turn on the fan. The air conditioning is too intermittent.

LOl, shout out to Joey Tribbiani: How you doin'?

Sad fact. Attractive people DO have it better in life. Science says so. They get treated better. And we do this most of the time unconsciously. Yawn~ Me needs sleep.

Sorry skipped around a bunch today but I just realized that I'm running on ~3 hours of sleep so since I don't really interact with anyone in my classes, this is where my loopiness sets loose. XD :P O>O

OH! oh. You know that guy I usually walk to my car with after class? Since class was cancelled last monday, today was AWKWARD. Lol, it's like we went back to the beginning of class. I couldn't talk  for nothing. I wish there was a gum I could eat so I could have better conversation skills. There's this chick in my class and she's so witty and interactive, I'm just thinking, what did she do to be able to talk to people like she does? I mean I read books, but I can't mimic their witty interactions. But w/e we only got about 3 more classes together and we'll go on our merry way. Kind of sad, but I don't really keep in contact with people that much I wonder if I could ask him for a selfie though before class is over just to commemorate. Or would that be weird, lol. I like having proof that I talk to people other than my family. Lol. Or is that sad. DON'T PITY ME. XD

Lol, it can't be too late right? It can't be. (lol, again with the british accent everytime I use the word can't. My mind is so silly). There's so many memes on instagram about like a building on fire and the caption: me trying to save my grades; or that one with flushing the spider with the same caption. Lol. So true. Guys, we all share the same struggle, let us join hands and pray we make it through this semester. Seriously I have to make it.

I'm sitting on this bun+thigh roller and it's so fun. It's like I'm in a circus working on my balancing act. Lol, this is not the appropriate use of this exercise machine. But, it's still fun. I wonder if I could work on my buns and thighs this way though. That'd be a nice side effect. Hehehehe. L: :P

MMMM, guess that's all folks! (˘ε˘̩ƪ)

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