Monday, April 11, 2016

It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep 'Cause everything is never as it seems ♬ (◎ヮ◎)

something positive about the day:
Almost done with my book! It's seriously SO good! I'll probably write a review on it here when I'm done with it. We had to divide into groups again today, but luckily the teacher has sense so she made it so that everyone basically knew where they were going. I had two choices. The 4 member group or the 3 member group. I went with the 4 to make 5 bc I didn't want to split up the two at the back which would have happened if I had went with the three. So thank you chica for inviting me but I didn't want there to be...a hassle. The teacher was really nice for making that review for the test next Monday.

Got to watch my running man!! lol Idc what people say about the show. I <3 it! I may have started watching running man for the games but I'm staying for the cast. I seriously love them all so much. They could literally just sit there and just talk and I would be happy with it.

I ate sooo much. My stomach felt like it was colliding into my heart and if I sat even a little bit slouched, I couldn't breath. What is wrong with me? Where is my sense of self control? <(¬_¬<)

what I had accomplished:
...I stayed up till 3ish cramming for that stupid test and I"m pretty sure I failed...really horribly. I guessed on 46 of the 48 questions. But I guess my cramming's better than nothing. I'm not even sure if it helped because when I took that test, my mind went completely blank. It was like someone had just put a fog machine inside my brain.

I started on my notes for the test next Monday, so yay for me!! Trying to get a head start, but we'll see how that goes.

something I look forward to the next day:
I'm suppose to be driving my friend tomorrow to school as per every Tuesday schedule. So I get to talk to another human being! Lol, as much as I don't like talking, I like talking to people that know me for being quiet and don't push it. Yes I do have some peeps that are cool like that. Lol.

I had a small convo with him today and another guy also and this other girl I was paired, at the end of today I talked some? Lol, it wasn't much. Just polite chatter, but that class is the only time I talk so it's something I look forward to, but am also really anxious about.  (҂⌣̀_⌣́)

...I wish I had a person who was just always there with me. Something similar to a pet but could talk to me. Something like a lover but without the sex and awkwardness and anxiety. Something like a best friend. I think that's my dream, to find a best friend.

Well, it was a pretty drama-less day, but that's okay, drama can be exhausting. I'm getting sleepy. But I also want to eat. Pleasssse let this week be over quickly. I want ma SUMMER!! 三(‘ω’)三( ε: )三(.ω.)三( :3 )三(‘ω’)三( ε: )三(.ω.)三( :3 )

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