Sunday, April 3, 2016

♬ We hide pain in the weirdest places Broken souls with smiling faces (´。• ᵕ •。`)

I'm just gonna talk a little about the concert yesterday. Got home around 2:30 A.M., lol and then went straight to sleep. TBH, I went to the concert to hang out with my friend, but it turned out my favorite part was the music. Lol, don't give me the 'duh' look. I know concerts are for the music, but my first thought when I got there was: I am NOT a concert person. It's loud. There's a lot of people. And I was completely ready to zone out and just deal with it and put it in the backburner of my memories. But...dang, hearing people play music live in front of thousands of people who were all gathered just to hear someone play/ was kind of an amazing experience.

Anytime a group of people get together to do anything it makes me amazed. Granted it wasn't as organized as it could be, but well what can you do. Lol. We got there around 1ish but it didn't start until 5. We got good seats but I wonder if it was really necessary to get there so early, there weren't actually a lot of people this time., I realized the portrayal of brothers and sisters in mangas where their relationship is's totally understandable. It was just me my friend and her brother that went on the trip. Lol, I thought this was going to be good but the whole time it was like I was competing with her brother for her was the weirdest sensation. It felt like he was ignoring me the whole time...and wouldn't include me in, it made me feel like that friend who tags along on a date. Lol, once again I'm reminded that 3 just not a good arrangement. It's just all kinds of awkward. I mean sometimes it's good bc two people can be awkward if both of them aren't willing to talk but...most of the time, someone's gonna be an odd man out.

and man, I wore my contacts all day and I really shouldn't have bc I feel like my eyes got worse. The right side of my head(the right eye is the one with the worse vision) aches. I need to get lasik. IDK how to stop my eyes from getting worse. And I just went to the eye doctor too, so I feel like my new glasses are too

OH! and I got 3 cds. 1 from sidewalk prophets, their new cd, and one from stars go dim. Then my friend bought red's cd, but it was a 2 for 1 sale so she gave me one of hers!! That was so nice!! The shirts were a tad too expensive so I didn't spend anything there. I also got mcdonald's which I haven't gotten in a long time. It wasn't bad, but it's more expensive now than I remember. Lol, but I do have to say that I understand why people eat mcdonald's so often. Burgers and french fries are good.

something positive about that day:
I bought SO much fruit today!! Pineapple, kiwi, banana, blackberries, strawberries!! Wow, this week is gonna be yummy!!!! <3

And I bought chicken breasts so that I can grill them for the first time. I heard chicken is healthier than beef or pork.

what I had accomplished:
I finished 2 essays! 2 apa format 10 page papers! That's a HUGE accomplishment. Lol, bc one was assigned a week ago and the other 2 weeks ago. But at least I finished them!!

something I looked forward to the next day:
lol, I asked my brother and he said "nothing bc it's monday". lol, I really can't think of anything other than tomorrow will be the first hot day of the year. Which means I'm going to be getting darker. I'm not sure if I look better darker or lighter, but we'll see. I like the sun. (*¯︶¯*) but, I will have to admit, I like the snow more, but I like rain the best. 

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