Saturday, April 2, 2016

♪ :) 'Cause what if your blessings come through raindrops, what if your healing comes through tears

All through our lives we like to think that the good moments are what we look forward to. That all the bad things are just the memories that we should skip over. But really without the bad...the good times just aren't as sweet. It's the bad things that make us more grateful. It's the horrific things that make us more grateful. I'm not saying to always hope bad things happen to you or even trying to justify all of the bad things that happen to people. Because there are a lot of bad things and not all of them...most of them...when they happen to us, we find them to be...horrible, and we can't understand why something happens. We ask why me? We ask why now? But most of all we ask why does this happen at all? It does nobody any good and it only cause tears in the end...I don't have an answer to any of those questions and to be honest, I don't think that I'll ever have an answer bc it's out of my hand or rather I think it's out of human's hands. I can't ever say that I understand God(why he does things the way that he does's not a bad thing) life is more than just one bad event or even multiple bad events. Life is filled with the good and the bad.

Something positive:
I got to hang out with someone that I havent seen in a while. It's been since Christmas. I don't really want to put a label bc labels don't really stuck for that long or maybe it's more that they're likely to change.

Something accomplished:'s always hard to find something that I've done on weekends But well it's not like I've done nothing. I woke up. I breathed. I made another choice to continue on with my life when staying alive has always been...I'm not gonna lie, but a struggle. Haha, really today isn't confession day. But really...ah that's right. Today I chose to go outside and you know do people normal people the very least it'll be a memory. Whether it turns out good or bad...well it'll be something that I can talk about in the future and it'll be something that I can pull from in my memory.

Something to look forward to tomorrow:
Tomorrow is it should be my day of relaxing...but well that also mean that I have to do my hw, but that isn't all that bad either. I was planning to finish my he anyways. Maybe I can get a head start and then not have to be catching up later.

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