Sunday, April 10, 2016

(゚ペ)? These days, it feels like you’re mine, it seems like you’re mine but not ♫

"I was cured, but at what price?"

"What's the point of this body, this heart, if you're not here?"

"What am I suppose to do without you?"

"I can't remember a time when you weren't here. I can't do this. How am I supposed to live on when all I have all are memories of you? I don't want to make new memories without you in them." stories make me want and also not want to experience love. Granted how old I am, I should have had a first love already, but nope, still just a couch potato. But think about it, to have a love so desperate, a love so consuming that that person is all you can see. That that person is all you want. That that person...once gone, has taken all life with them. Mm, not sure if I want a love like that or not. It sounds romantic but also really tragic.

something positive about the day:
stuDDDDYYYING~ bc I have a test at 8 tomorrow and lil procrastinator that I am haven't started a lick of studying. :P  Fun fact, studying has the word dying in it! Another fun fact did you know the daisy flower, it's name is a combo for "day's eye" because the daisies open up in the morning and close at night??? Isn't that AWESOME??!! Lol, I think so.

Have you ever seen the show Naked and Afraid? Basically it's a guy and girl going naked into some dangerous wild place like the Amazon or some part of Peru and trying to survive for 21 days. It really makes me appreciate clothes(especially shoes!!) and a house and water and food and call me crazy but makes me want to do it. I can't start a fire and have no survival skills whatsoever, but it looks sooo fun!!! Lol, I know I'm looking at it through rose colored glasses since I'm not actually there, but I've always wanted to do a real life survival game. I would prefer one with clothes though...that's just asking for awkwardness. lol.

what I had accomplished:
mmmmm...I ate some frutas today. Kiwis and pineapples and wontons and lol that last one wasn't a fruit, but it was still go~ood!

Also finished my weekly essay, man I'm getting good at APA format!!!

I learned that looking for good things to read is heck hard. There's got to be a better way to find niches of certain books.

I'm also posting this early!! P.S. it's just bc I don't want to study anymore...(☉ε ⊙ノ)ノ yup.

something I look forward to the next day:
I get to go to schooool!!!! (note that this is a sarcastic scream). Oh joy. Lol, it's really hard to convey tone when writing. but tomorrow I do get to watch the new episode of running man, so thank you running man for making my days bearable!! xD

"You said you loved me, but what was the point of loving me, if you were just going to leave me? Give me back the years I wasted on you. Give me back all the love I could have given someone else, that would have stuck around! Give me...give me back a life, that didn't know you..."

"You think I'm choosing to leave you? You think I'm doing this because I want to? I'm doing this for you!" 

"I never asked for you to save me. I don't need a hero. I don't need to be saved. All I ever asked was for you to stay with me. I love you...but when did that become not enough? When did I become not enough?"

Sigh, I always come up with these lines that would go so well in stories, but they're just lines bc I never have the patience to sit down and write, let alone finish a story.  On a side note that's completely unrelated, my favorite kind of love story is a childhood friend story. People are always saying children don't know what love is...but just because it doesn't involve sex doesn't mean it's not real love. And sometimes, I think that's what adults get wrong. Sex doesn't equate to love and love doesn't equate to sex.

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