Saturday, April 9, 2016

♪ :P Dark days are gonna go away They won't have the final say

I think the reason I cling so much to books and manga is bc it's my happy place. BUT. But. Seriously I did not read that 700 page manga for it to end like that! Chincha. I cannot stand open endings. I know, I know the author looks all cool and and may have their reason for doing so, but freaking GIVE ME MY HAPPY ENDING!!!!!!! Gosh, I don't regret reading it, bc I loved her other works, but dang mangaka, give me some closure!!!! Sigh it's Hiiro no Isu and I swear, I freaking swear, it was the most frustrating thing I've read in a while. Part bc of the manga and part bc all the sites that I tried to read it on, only every other page would load. Man I wished I lived in a place with those manga stores where you would pay like a dollar for 15 minutes of being able to sit there with a physical manga and read. That would be freaking paradise.

W/e I'm ok. Breathe. Just breathe. (ー_ー )

I will find a better gender bender manga to read that will soothe my soul, bc dang I nned a happy romance filled in your face manga that'll make me smile. Else I'm just gonna end up ending the whole jar of chocolate in my kitchen...which would not be good. Oh! and I really want to get an exercise ball. Those things look fun and this guy said his mother in law lost arm fat by using it and I really need to lose arm fat. These things look like chicken thighs. Lol. I do love me some chicken thighs though...

something positive about the day:
I had nam today and even though it reaks of garlic, I LOVE garlic. It's sooo tasty and I love the smell. Let me just say I also love onions and the smell of gasoline. And Idk if it's just bc my senses are basically screwed up but I have a hard time distinguishing between the smell of skunk and chocolate. I mean I usually can tell it's skunk bc I'm on the road...but I think there's actually a very fine line between the two. Same thing with sweat and hamburgers. I think they smell similar. LOL. don't give me that weird look, it's what my nose feels. :P

...another disgusting thing is I really don't mind my own farts bc I mean they're my own and not gonna lie, but I've sniffed my own before. I just don't like other people's farts. Granted though, I don't think we should make that big a deal out of it. I remember a commercial or something that was all we all fart or they called it flatulence, so it shouldn't be something to be looked on with disgust or shame.

I remember when I was in fifth grade, I was with a friend and was unable to hold in my fart and so I sat there and tooted(LOL, why would she name herself deep toot?). Lol. She looked at me and was all "You farted!!" And she laughed and I felt embarrassed and was all "no, I didn't!! You did!" even though I obviously did since it was just the two of us. I mean it didn't smell or anything but it made this high pitched squeaking sound. Lol, it was so funny bc when I let it go, she gave me this "did you just-?!" Lol, I kept denying it but she knew bc it obviously wasn't her. LOl, so we went back and forth and finally bc we're kids we got distracted with something else. But I can still remember that embarrassment and denial feeling now even though it's been so many years. Lol, man being a kid with friends was so nice. Why can't it be easy like that anymore???

what I had accomplished:
I'm working on my discussion for sociology now. Man, my teacher needs to actually read my posts. If she read them, she wouldn't take points off for stuff that makes no sense. No wonder the freaking class average is so low. Man, this manga this has got me a bit more frustrated than I thought, so I'm also going to watch Ned's Declassified to chill out. That's my childhood show that ALWAYS makes me smile. :P

something I look forward to the next day:
UM. it's the weekend. What don't I have to look forward to? And besides, it's Sunday. Even I forget, but it's the beginning of the week, so yay! for beginnings. I hope my hair grows out, but it's taking so long. I want to dye it too, but I've heard it costs 50-150$ for a dye job and I'm just (-_-;)・・・ seriously? It's only going to last 3-5 wks I'm still debating on that bc I'd have to bleach my hair and urk I heard you can go bald but I mean I've had this hair color since I was born and I've been an adult for a I just want a change. I want to have hair like Kim Jong Kook's when it's wavy, it's soooo nice!!! 

lol, watching Ned MAKES ME MISS JUNIOR HIGH SOOOO MUCH. I wanna go back. I want to be a kid again with no responsibilities. Sometimes I wonder about alternate universes of myself. Maybe one where I'm popular and would be drunk at a party right now. Or one where I'm struggling to get by and am literally starving to death. Or maybe one where I'm the a rich child and have no worries in the world bc yes the world does run on money. Or maybe one where I find the love of my life and we can have adventures together...or maybe one where I'm a productive member of society. lol, I literally had so many choices in my life and yet here I am...on possibly the most boring one, and it's all my own fault. Bleh, I regret nothing.

iT'S actually 1 in the morning so technically this should have been written yesterday, but I'll just write another one for today later today. I need to recharge my mental energy for this week. It's going to be a looooo~oooong one. May all you other people in the world have a more peaceful and happy week.    ヽ(*・ω・)ノ 

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